About me


My name is Frank Simon. I studied technical chemistry. After that I worked for 3 years at a shipyard, 2 years in dairy research and 3 years in the plastics industry.
The last 32 years I worked for the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany): 14 years in the process engineering laboratory and 18 years in the ergonomics laboratory. I taught the students how to do the laboratory experiments, always trying out new ideas in order to optimize my teaching style.
Since August 2021 I am retired.

Scientific emplyee

My boss in the ergonomics lab was not doing any research, so I had a lot of time to optimize my practice for the students ("to stay with problems longer").


"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." (Albert Einstein)


In 2008 I started reading books about systems thinking. This was my worksystem in the ergonomics laboratory:

work system ergonomics practice

When I wanted to optimize the work system, I realized that I had to answer basic questions.


Students should

1. ... learn practical skills.
    → How to study? (What is the goal of studying?)
    → How to solve problems?

2. ... conduct occupational science experiments.
     → What is health?
3. ... learn to work scientifically.
     → What is science? What is research?


4. ... perform experiments according to the experimental instructions.
     → How to write a text?

5. ... being treated with respect.
     → What is respect?



Korrektorat und Lektorat: Optimum Text